Improving Pay per Click (PPC)

Cross Media Improves Conversion Rate

Zodiac Pool Systems, makers of Barracuda and Polaris vacuuming systems, added content specific landing pages to their pay per click (PPC) campaigns in order to serve relevant content and improve response rates. Look for the complete case study that includes detailed metrics of this integrated cross media campaign featuring Personalized URLs (PURLs), landing pages, email, direct mail, and paid advertising. Sign up on the right to order your copy.

The features of the campaign were:

  1. Relevant content based on the individual advertisement
  2. Additional opt-in mechanisms
  3. Automated follow up and rebate offer fulfillment
  4. Improved tracking

The benefits of the project included:

  1. Improved opt-in rates
  2. Increased downloads of rebates
  3. Creation of a targeted lead list by product line

About VDP Web

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